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Poolse politie Alfa Giulia?

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  • Poolse politie Alfa Giulia?

    Mijn Pools is niet zo sterk, maar zie ik hier nu een Giulia van de Poolse politie?
    Wist niet dat die dingen buiten Italie ook als politie auto werden gebruikt en al helemaal niet in Polen. Maar goed, kan natuurlijk een geintje zijn, maar ik kan geen Pools.

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    Via poltran.com:
    Word has been deleted from 1972 for present moment after opening of plant (bet) in (to) with (from) logo logo ALFASUD Pomigliano MILANO and two symbols of milan remain behind words ALPHA only ROMEO. Representatives of services are loyal clients of firms right < law (as of right) >. Cars be suitable as pursuits due to perfect performance for such situation alpha perfectly Romeo, blockades if (or) captivating of criminal. Lat (summer; year) takes advantage many models within many police, from elegant with opened roof for model in lats (summers; years) sixtieth in (to) green color " 1900 " military < military > Ti Giulia. Other countries decide after italians on shopping alpha Romeo. Swiss police commutes model 1.6 Giulia and malay. It substitutes in italy Giulię Giulietta, then by model substituted 75 lats (summers; years) eightieth. Identity of alpha producer car Romeo, legendary marek (mark; mark), become (stay) in imitated (managed) advertising campaign in 1970 year contagious virus ( that ) sportretowane. Is alpha Romeo? Orazio Satta, Chief of project engineer in post-war period for 1974 year, it explains in interview, it has lended that in 1970 year there is not producer of car " alpha only Romeo produced models it more than ordinary, conventional vehicles. It kind of disease, enthusiasm for something, that is center of (means of) transport in basic function only. It on life manner, particular kind of perception of vehicle furnished with engine. Something, that definitions wymyka. Elements are same , that irrational part of restless being, it is not possible to explain which (who), applying (use) terminology logical. We say about feeling here, passion, about cases, which (who) has common with heart more than with head. Certainly < obvious > some is mechanics from these elements overgrowth, that facilitates enforcement identity memorial < they (their) >. Concepts are rhodium from rally too, where fineness is essential ". Alpha becomes in 1970 year fashion car sport Romeo Miss, Luciana Pegoraro, it posed for photos in model 33, which (who) took part in rally wytrzymałościowych. Marek (mark; mark) " era space " american spaceman, Charles Conrad, on photo from 1976 year certainly < obvious > - - near " " ( flying plate ) Disco Volante. Alpha in (to) center of note Romeo as film star. It appears near Giulietta Giancarlo Gianniniego and journeys in (to) from 1978 year with (from) in direction movie dating " " ( ) Goldie Hawn Viaggio con Anita Anitą Monicelliego. Alpha takes a stand in (to) several movies of shares (actions) too, as model took part in police pursuits " " often Giulia and escapes, on early 70's particularly. It says " alpha exciting Romeo samochodyt Giorgio Bocca. I commute from 1960 red alpha. I liked model most 2000 Alfetta, it behaved on bends perfectly ". Posters from this decade
    .... euh, ja. :)

    Volgens mij dat de Giulia door veel politiekorpsen werd gebruikt, maar Polen wordt dan weer niet specifiek genoemd?
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      't zou me ook niet verbazen dat afgedankte Italiaanse politieauto's naar polen gingen in die tijd...


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        Afgedankt? Zou best kunnen dat de Polen een potje (zwart?) geld hadden om ook wat boeventuig te kunnen pakken en dus de agenten in vlotte 4-deurs'en zette. De foto's zijn in ieder geval 'van toen'.
        Oliestoken voor het goede doel


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          Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Gijs Bekijk bericht
          Afgedankt? Zou best kunnen dat de Polen een potje (zwart?) geld hadden om ook wat boeventuig te kunnen pakken en dus de agenten in vlotte 4-deurs'en zette. De foto's zijn in ieder geval 'van toen'.
          Was je wel het mannetje hoor in Polen als je 40 jaar terug daarin mocht rijden :-).


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            De laatste Fiat's 130 die van de productieband rolden gingen ook naar Polen als overheidsvervoer.