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    Ik kan het oude draadje over het online magazine Drivers Republic niet vinden, maar ik kreeg zojuist de laatste mailing. Letterlijk, want ze stoppen ermee.

    Zelf vind ik dit erg spijtig, ze maakten echt leuke stukjes.

    Important Message

    Dear Scudetto,

    Unfortunately this is our final newsletter since DR has closed its doors and will no longer be publishing the features and videos that we've become so renowned for.

    There has been plenty of speculation across the internet about the reasons why this has occurred, and despite the first impressions that it must have been for financial reasons, nothing could have been further from the truth.

    Thanks to the participation of our readers and the generous support of the automotive industry we were in rude health and looking forward to a bumper year, but differences in our vision about future priorities have led to a parting of ways. Read more...

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    Ondanks dat ik 't concept super vond in 't begin, las ik er eigenlijk nooit wat.

    [email protected]&co. :)