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205 Mi32 Project - The Twin Mi16 Engined 205

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  • 205 Mi32 Project - The Twin Mi16 Engined 205

    205 Mi32 Project - The Twin Mi16 Engined 205

    3.8 liter, 32 valve, 300+ bhp, 4wd 205!

    since my original topic got lost, i'm posting it again.

    to save me posting the full story once again, please go HERE to read about the project and
    follow the progress or HERE if you'd prefer to look at the pics and follow the story that way.

    just a quick slideshow to show the current progress of the story (with links to galleries!):

    Phase 1 - Rear End Reconstruction
    -> ->

    Phase 2 - Rear Engine Installation
    -> ->

    Phase 3 - Dual Controls & Brakes
    -> ->

    Phase 4: Coolant Radiator & Exhaust System
    -> ->

    Phase 5: Rear Engine Electricity & Cooling
    -> ->

    Phase 6: Fueling System, Instrumentation & Misc
    -> ->

    Phase 7: Bodywork & Misc Development- in progress!
    -> ->

    Phase 8: Turbocharging The Rear Engine- in progress!
    -> ->

    you can watch all the videos here:

    205 Mi32 Videos Playlist

    you can post your comments, suggestions, ideas etc in this topic :).

    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com

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    in general, there was a delay in updating of about a year and this is the latest update:

    sorry for the looong delay in the story updates, i got a bit too busy at the end of last year,
    then early this year we found out that my father has to have a heart bypass surgery done
    which definately meant no racing and no real enthusiasm to work on the car and to top it off,
    402streetrace series 2008 season has been buggered up from start till the end anyway.

    my father had the surgery done last week, he's back home now and recovery goes well,
    so we can start thinking about more work on the car, but nothing radical will get done for
    the next few months for sure.

    as a plus point, 205 Mi32 is featured as a Reader's Project in October's issue of Brittish
    Practical Performance Car magazine http://www.ppcmag.co.uk and should be featured
    in a few more magazines soon which will definately give us an initiative to carry on with
    the project!

    in the meantime, i've still got a couple of drag race reports to do, which i'll try to do soon.

    thanks for the support and see you again soon :).
    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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      Hi there, welcome back.
      I truly admire your hands-on getting-it-done attitude.
      You probably there's a guy here in Holland, who shoehorned a 3.0 PSA V6 in his 205 Gentry. That too took some hammering...

      Good luck to your father.


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        Welcome back!

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          It was about time I updated this topic, I'm sure you'll agree! :)

          There hasn't been a lot of work done on the car after my father's surgery (he's fully recovered now!),
          as we've stopped racing, had more imporant things to take care of and I've gone back into cycling,
          which takes up a lot of my time!

          However, here's a quick update of some body work - making the rear end of the car nicer and ready
          for the 205GTIDrivers.com EuroTrip that happened back in May (full report to follow):

          You can find a few photos HERE.

          See you again in this topic soon :).

          205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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            P.S. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the car has also been featured in PSOOC's
            (Peugeot Sport Official Owners Club UK) magazine "Torque", a few months ago.

            205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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              still a great project, I love the air intakes :)


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                Hello again everybody!

                At long last, I've uploaded photos of the remaining two 2007 race events:

                402 Street Race - Rijeka (CRO) - 26/Aug/2007

                402 Street Race - Banja Luka (BIH) - 08-09/Sep/2007

                Another update coming soon! :)

                205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                  Hello again - here's a prompt update, as promised :).

                  I've been meaning to create a proper 205 Mi32 website, but whereas I'm still going to make
                  a "gateway" page for 205Mi32.com, I decided to set up a Facebook fan page, for ease of
                  maintenance/updating and a more direct contact with people that support the project.

                  I'm still going to post updates on forums, but I will be delighted to see you become a fan
                  of 205 Mi32 Project, as I'm currently gathering inspiration to carry on with it. The page
                  (that won't see updates too often, as you already know :)), can be found here:

                  205 Mi32 Project Facebook Fan Page

                  205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                    Hello everybody! It's time to FINALLY update this topic! Not a great deal of work has been done,
                    but still there's a thing or two that needs to be shown to the world, starting with the mentioned
                    2009 205GTIDrivers.com Eurotrip.

                    It was a 10-day round-trip for 205GTIDrivers.com members from the UK, Holland and Poland,
                    meeting with people from Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia along the way.
                    The farthest point of the Eurotrip was in Croatia, on 4th and 5th of May (Pula and Rijeka region),
                    where I was present with the 205 Mi32.

                    The feeling of getting recognised, acknowledged and approached nearly everywhere I stopped,
                    getting loads of thumbs up and flashes on the road, taking people out for passenger rides and
                    especially finally meeting, chatting and "putting faces to names" of people I've "known" for many
                    years was, simply put, fabulous! The selection of 205s I had seen was also something to be admired.

                    Here are a few thumbnail teasers:

                    And a photo that means a lot to me - 205 Mi32, surrounded by 205GTIDrivers.com members from
                    several countries. A truly special moment for me! Thanks everybody, you've made it all worthwhile!

                    Photo gallery: http://projects.205gtidrivers.com/205mi32-eurotrip09
                    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                      Extremely cool project! *gives thumbs up*


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                        Like I said, there hasn't been a great deal of work done on the car over the past couple of years,
                        but here's a tasty little 2010 update :).

                        It was time to sort out the suspension on the 205 Mi32, which meant finally fitting GAZ GHA coilovers
                        with 300 lbs springs and eccentric top mounts, purchased via group buy on 205GTIDrivers.com,
                        replacing FK coilovers (front) and Koni Sport Adjustables (rear).

                        I'll let the photos do the talking - http://projects.205gtidrivers.com/205mi32-ph7?page=8

                        See you soon with a 2011 update! :)
                        205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                          Great to see you again up here. Keep us posted, please!
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                            OK, we're in 2011 now. Wishbones needed replacing due to play in ball joints. However, we opted
                            to replace the ball joints, instead of complete wishbones.

                            Usually referred to as impossible to do but there you go. Sadly, I don't have photos of completed
                            wishbones, but they look just like ordinary wishbones :).

                            Also, new wheels from the UK! Compomotive MO 7x17" ET15. One of my favourite wheels ever.

                            They look great on the car and the car looks great with them on :).

                            We also tidied up the rear end with Phase 2 lights conversion and GTI 1.9 rear quarter panel badges.

                            Ready for a trip to Rijeka (CRO), to meet up with 205 enthusiasts from french-classics.de!

                            Photos - http://projects.205gtidrivers.com/205mi32-ph7?page=9

                            Next update will bring up photos from the trip!
                            205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                              It sure looks the dogs bollocks! Keep up the good work.
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                                Hello everybody!

                                Here are a couple of photos of my father and me on 2011 A-SLO-HR Trip by french-classics.de

                                Yes, I now realise I look a lot like him but the color coordination was coincidental :).

                                Anyway, it was a brilliant two-day trip, covering some amazing roads. We attended the second day
                                (4th of September, 2011). It was great to meet a bunch of friendly 205 enthusiasts with superb
                                examples of 205's - each car was different and pretty unique.

                                Here are a few thumbnail teasers:

                                Photo gallery: http://projects.205gtidrivers.com/205mi32-aslohrtrip11
                                205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                  it sure looks like it's been a nice trip!

                                  I guess your 205 was the most powerful of the bunch?
                                  privé-V70 en MX-5 -- lease-Octavia Combi


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                                    Haha, yes it was, but only just, as there were a couple of 2.0 8v Turbo GT28RS, running at 280 bhp :).
                                    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com