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    This year I've mostly been into cycling and then recovering from a non-cycling injury,
    so this project had taken a back seat for a while, but nevertheless, here's a quick update.

    I picked up Compomotive MO 7x17" ET15 wheels with 205/40/17 tyres, destined for 205 Mi32.
    The 307 looked rather hardcore with it, I loved the looks.

    Unfortunately, one of the front shock absorbers top mounts gave up the ghost (and the other
    one was on it's way out). It took the wiper linkage out with it as well. I got them changed, but
    I'll have to make some custom alloy ones, as the same thing will happen again sooner or later...

    Back on 18's again. This time on TSW's. They suit the car much better now the trim is white.

    That's it for now but you can expect a few more exciting updates soon :).

    Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=9
    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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      Hello everyone! There was a distinct lack of updates in this topic due to a vast disappointment
      that came to me last year in a form of engine failure, which killed my enthusiasm as well, but now
      I'm back on track with this little project. So, let's see what happened with this EW10 engine.

      One morning, the engine had seized and evetually started up, running on three cylinders and
      vigorously knocking. Having exhausted all the other options, I've had to get the car transported
      to a Peugeot garage.

      Guys at Brkic Servis feared the worst, as the coolant expansion tank was empty, meaning it
      could be a case of a hydro-lock. They quickly removed and dismantled the engine.

      The head showed no signs of damage and the head gasket didn't have any obvious indications
      of failure either. Still, the head was sent off for a rebuild and a leak-down test.

      Moving onto the bottom end, the problem was obvious - first cylinder (from the cambelt side)
      was a few milimeters down the bore, which meant a bent conrod :-(.

      Bent in all three dimensions! Luckily, the crank escaped unharmed. A replacement conrod and
      piston were sourced. We then decided to make a full service on the engine, so replaced the
      timing belt and tensioners, water pump, all the gaskets, seals etc as well.

      Back together - running sweet and I should be without worries now. The thing is, I thought
      I wouldn't have to worry about it in the first place, wth such a young car by my standards :-).

      Also, I sold the TSW 18" wheels and temporarily had the car rolling on 7-spoke 207 16" wheels.

      Like I said, the project is back on track now, so you can expect several prompt updates soon :-).

      Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=9
      205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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        Wow, you are lucky that this is the only damage!
        But what caused it?

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          Coolant in the cylinder. There was nothing obvious that could have caused it,
          so it must have been a micro-hole in the head gasket. I remember experiencing
          a judder when starting the car for some time before this happened and
          I didn't drive the car for 10 days before the judgement day, so it must
          have had enough time to accumulate in the cylinder.
          205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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            It's hard to compress water... :) So, a leaking head gasket after all? After how many km's did this occur?
            Oliestoken voor het goede doel


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              Yes, both the head and the block were fine, so it can only be the gasket.

              165k on the clock when that happened.
              205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door cybernck Bekijk bericht
                165k on the clock when that happened.
                that's just slightly below the average mileage for a complete engine break down ;)
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                  Time to move on to happier updates, I think! Haha.

                  It's time to revisit and finally complete the audio system, starting with a messy job of properly
                  installing the front speakers at long last! Typical French - holes everywhere in the door, except
                  where I need one to be.

                  Inner skin was cut-out and prepared to take a custom MDF speaker pod. With the pod in place
                  and firmly attached to the door's inner skin, we treated outer skins, pods and door cards treated
                  with a couple of coats of bitumen, for at least some vibration damping.

                  And finally, speaker installed and all the holes sealed. What an unbelievable improvement of
                  my audio system, quite possibly the biggest single upgrade I've done so far!

                  Door cards back on, though I did have to remove the lower hole cover I had made, so I will
                  have to revisit it later and also add LOADS of Dynamat or such material everywhere in the doors.

                  The next update will be all about audio as well :).

                  Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=10
                  205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                    Time to finally complete my envisaged audio system!

                    Out with the old 4-channel amplifier (Magnat Rave 440, on the left, good little amp), in with
                    the new one (Focal FP 4.75, on the right). Specs: 4 x 75W @ 4 ohms, 4 x 100W @ 2 ohms,
                    2 x 200W @ 4 ohms. Full active crossover and an output for a second amp.

                    Previous configuration was 2+1 ch, but since I'm going to run front Focal 165K2P speakers
                    on Focal FP 4.75 in bridged mode with low gain, it's accompanied by it's monoblock brother,
                    Focal FP 1.800 (with remote gain control) for the subwoofer.

                    Specs: 1 x 400W @ 4 ohms, 1 x 600W @ 2 ohms, 1 x 800W @ 1 ohm. Focal 33KX beast
                    will be unleashed :-).

                    Additional wiring was required for the additional amp.

                    With the front speakers properly installed and with the addition of new amplifiers, I am very
                    happy with my audio system now! I keep hearing details I previously haven't, in the same
                    tracks and songs. Next mods will be sound deadening and a better headunit.

                    As you can see, the 18" RS GT wheels are back on the car as well :).

                    Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=10
                    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                      With the audio install finished at long last, it was time to turn my attention to exterior and
                      fit parts I've had laying around for quite some time, but the first job was to get the bodywork
                      cleaner and shinier by a professional polisher.

                      Then came a long awaited solution to a "radio controlled car" antenna, in form of a short
                      OE antenna, part number 6561.QQ, found on various models (607, 807 etc). Fits nicely
                      and radio reception seems fine, but I don't listen to radio at all, so it doesn't matter to
                      me either way :).

                      Someone had stolen my rear wiper blade a long time ago and the wiper arm (6429.T8)
                      had a lot of play in it, so I bought both parts new. The wiper arm required a bit of persuasion
                      from an angle grinder to come off though.

                      As I decided to update the tails lamps to Phase 2, I went for Phase 2 side indicators as well.
                      6325.G3 - 206 Phase 2 side indicators (x2). Exactly the same as 307 items (6325.G4) but at
                      half a price. Go figure. Not too visible in daytime, as the bulb is hidden.

                      Phase 2 tail lamps! Compared to Phase 1 lights, they look much brighter, fresher and more red,
                      thought with a bit of a "China" look and feel to them. They fit the car straight on, but you need
                      additional two 5W bulbs, compared to Phase 1 lights.

                      Exterior mods completed. Not much of a photo, but shows how shiny the car is.

                      That's it for the bodywork mods, for the time being anyway.

                      Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=11
                      205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                        Here's a small but sweet update :).

                        The almighty 6554F4 ESP OFF switch :-). Don't know what the price is, as I got it
                        as a part of a 307 CC center console.

                        I really can't understand the logic of having all the wiring installed, as well as the feature
                        implemented, but deciding to blank it off instead of fitting a switch! :-/ The new button
                        fits straight in.

                        Et voila! I can now turn off the ESP and traction control off, which is required sometimes
                        when the ECU can't figure out what's the best thing to do.

                        Full-size photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=11
                        205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                          With my cycle racing season finally over, I'm going ahead with my little project, finally mounting
                          some parts I've had laying around for nearly a couple of years now. Here you can see 307 Automatic
                          alloy pedal set I got off eBay, a genuine 307 CC leather steering wheel form a UK breaker's yard
                          and finally, some genuine 307 alloy front sill plates, part number 9623.76, also an eBay special.

                          Mounting the brake pedal using supplied allen screws is straightforward after removal of the original
                          rubber pedal cover, as the holes for the screws are already there. However, throttle pedal was a bit
                          of a challenge and had to be removed because of the construction of the pedal.

                          It would have been nearly impossible to position it right while at the same time manage to bolt it up,
                          so we riveted it on instead. The removable leg rest offers easy mounting of the leg rest pedal.
                          We opted for riveting on this one as well.

                          Next up, the steering wheel. After disconnecting the battery, airbag is easily removed using two
                          flat-headed screwdrivers inserted in the holes at the back of the steering wheel. A word of warning -
                          do not fully unscrew and remove the main torx bolt until you've managed to release the steering wheel
                          from the steering crown, as you'll probably end up tearing off all the airbag connectors!

                          Fitting the other wheel is a reverse of the removal. And there are no spare bolts left, for a change! :-)

                          And finally, fitting the sill plates is super-easy and quick, as it comes with a self-adhesive tape
                          on the back. You just need to lift the plastic cover and rubber seal off of the sill seam, clean up
                          and degrease the surface, test-fit the sill plate and and then stick it on. Job done!

                          I will continue with this "307 CC interior upgrade pack" in the next update too :).

                          Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=12
                          205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                            Next up - 307 CC white clocks with chrome rings, red needles and radial writing. Got them from the UK
                            (eBay once again), so they're in mph but they also have a km/h scale, in small print.

                            It was not a simple plug'n'play affair though, because I needed to keep my circuit board. Therefore,
                            armed with a Torx bit, I started disassembling them to bits. I even had to go the lengths of cutting out
                            and swapping the center "display" part, so the warning lights would remain correct.

                            Et voila! Clocks finished, fitted back into the car and looking classy, in my opinion.

                            And finally - a "before and after" shot, to sum it all up. The new details really smarten up the interior
                            and the steering wheel is much nicer to use.

                            As far as interior mods are concerned, that's it for now, but I've definitely got another thing or two planned ;-).

                            Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=12
                            205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                              Ik vind dit één van de raarste draadjes van Gummen...
                              Belly-flopping naked in a pool of yellow sweat, screaming "Jackass" with a wet cigarette


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                                My exhaust had developed a booming noise and eventually the pipe going into the backbox broke off,
                                so I took it over to an exhaust service place for a fix.

                                While at it, I took an opportunity to remove the broken spare wheel mechanism to finally check
                                what's going on with it. The problem was quite obvious and it's a common one on 307 Break & SW cars.
                                The solution was simple - new cable made based on the original one - much cheaper than a complete
                                new mechanism from Peugeot.

                                Fitting it back on isn't such a simple job when you're doing it in a car park but the spare wheel
                                will finally be gone from the boot and back under the car!

                                Meanwhile, my expensive Varta battery had died (just outside the warranty period - typical).
                                I purchased a cheaper 60Ah one this time, that seems to do the job just as well.

                                Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=13
                                205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                  Just a quick update.

                                  I've had this idea for winter wheels setup for a while and I've finally got it done now.
                                  406 Coupe V6 Starfish wheels, 7x16" ET12. I don't think I've ever seen another 307
                                  with them on.

                                  Nice and wide, they fill the arches just like the later version Coupe wheels (Hoggar)
                                  I've had on the car in the past, but visually suit the 307 better. All I now need is
                                  a V6 engine, haha.

                                  Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=13
                                  205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                    Hello and Happy New Year! :)

                                    The last year went without updates, but that doesn't mean I haven't done any work on the car.

                                    First, a few photos from from a Winter trip to Budapest (HUN) and Spring trip to Split and Trogir (CRO).
                                    Nice stance and still able to carry four people without any issues. And I love getting standard 307 Break
                                    and/or SW examples in the same shot with 307 Breaknck :-).

                                    Other than low stance and big wheels, I also like big and powerful brakes! That's why I fitted
                                    406 Coupe V6 Brembo 4-pot calipers that I used to have on my 405 T16 as well. However, the original
                                    406 Coupe V6 setup uses 305x28 mm discs, but due to the design of 307's hubs, they fit straight on
                                    only with standard 307's 283x26mm discs (just ilke on 205/206/306). This is not a huge upgrade,
                                    looks silly and I don't like making compromises.

                                    Therefore, I decided to go a step further - here's a 305x28 mm drilled and grooved disc fitted on.
                                    However, there's not enough space for caliper-adapters, therefore I've had to get creative with it.
                                    The solution I went with are Renault Megane RS 225 Brembo calipers with custom-made caliper mounts
                                    (they have no mounts, unlike 406 Coupe V6 Brembo calipers with integrated mounts). Let's see how
                                    it works out.

                                    The caliper goes on just like planned. And here you go - 4-pot Brembo calipers with 305x28 mm discs
                                    (note that the caliper is test-fitted up-side down in this photo). It's a massive improvement over
                                    standard brakes! With custom caliper mounts, I could have gone for any disc size, but I've had to
                                    stick with 305 mm setup in order to be able to fit my Winter wheels (406 Coupe Hoggars, 7x16" ET12).
                                    They fit straight on, without spacers.

                                    Just a test to see how they fit with Compomotive MO 7x17" ET15 - these wheels also clear the calipers
                                    without the need for wheel spacers. However, with 307 Challenger 6.5x17" ET31 wheels, a 20 mm wheel spacer
                                    is required in order for wheels to fit over the Brembo calipers. Of course, my RS GT 7.5x18" ET15 wheels
                                    could easily house even bigger brakes with no bother.

                                    Although I do have a few more things planned for the car (I'm quickly running out of ideas though),
                                    I've now provisionally put the car up for sale, as I'm not really using it much. But I hope to be
                                    able to do a few more updates first :).

                                    Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=13
                                    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com