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    After recently selling my Black 205 GTI 1.9, I haven't planned on buying another 205 GTI but this one was simply too good to pass.
    XU9JAZ (1.9 Motronic Cat, 120 bhp). First registered in 1991, but it's a 1989 model. 205 GTIs are very rare in Bosnia (and we're not
    able to import such old cars), let alone ones in original unmolested condition, that have never been crashed - actually, this must be
    the best example in Bosnia! I wished to have such a 205 GTI but I didn't even know this one existed, up until recently - so, miracles
    do happen! :)

    However, the real reason I bought it is a tribute to a silver 205 GTI 1.9, which made me and my father fall in love with 205 GTIs,
    20 years ago! You only live once and 205s have been a big part of my life so far, therefore I owed this one to buy it and cherish it.

    It initially drove like a dream but all of a sudden developed some electric problems, which made it stall upon warm up. After quite
    a bit of troubleshooting, I traced it to a duff ECU relay, but unfortunately the starter died because of all the cranking. Not exactly
    what I was hoping I'd be doing with my "new" 205 in the first days of ownership :-(. I had to get the PAS bottle fixed too.

    The tail lamps were the biggest bodge-up I've ever seen on a 205 - a mixture of Ph1 electrics, Ph2 reflectors and a Ph2 cover
    and no revers lamp! I replaced the tail lamps for Ph1 items. I put some old orange front indicators on it too, for the retro look
    and becuase one of the clear ones fell apart. The car back together and it fired up straight away and ran for 20 minutes with
    no problems... and then the same problem came back! I was devastated. Spent next couple of days replacing EVERYTHING
    electrical. It turned out to be a duff rotor arm in the end.

    The car got it's first wash, at last! Then it was time for an obligatory photosession. A dull day, but it pics came out not too bad.
    As it stands, it's completely original, even has the original faded bumpers, except for the aftermarket lower driving/spot lamps.

    It's got the early interior - to be honest, I've always hated it and preferred the later black/red chequer trim, but it has grown on me,
    as it goes really well with silver exterior. No rips, holes or missing bits. Only one of the driver's side seat bolsters is a little bit saggy.
    Seats and carpet could do with a wash but that will have to wait for spring.

    And the small, but all-important, finishing touch!

    Not quite sure about the plans with the car, I'll give it some more thought and present my ideas later.

    Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gti999
    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com

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    Welcome, one of the last real hot hatches/GTI's, nice! Is it a lot of work to remove the catalytic converter? The 1.9 without cat has almost 140 bhp if I remember correctly?

    EDIT: I just noticed that you are the white 307 guy.
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      Nice going, Nick.

      RC: Offically, the cat-1.9 had 122 bhp, without it was 130 bhp.

      (and without the rear seats it was 140, with the K&N inletfilter 150, with...:-)

      But your MI32 beat them all !


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        I removed the cat on my ex Black 1.9 and got some throttle response.

        But I like this car for it's originality, so I'll probably leave the cat on.

        Actually, I better check if it's still on, in the first place, LOL.
        205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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          Hey there,

          Lovely car, indeed one of the last true hot-hatches.
          Almost bought one myself once, a 1.9 with 130 hp.

          I've always been in love with those cars, especially with those speedlines.


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            おめでとう、すげえクールな車 :-)
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              Great car! Reminds me of the 1987 205 GTI 1.9 I owned for some years. It was the best hot hatch I ever had. And the best version: 130 HP (no cat), new dash, same interior as yours.
              It gave me some headaches (gearbox ran dry, electrics, 2 times the stereo was stolen, broken speedline rim), but above all lots of pleasure.
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                ARGH! Wanna have mine back! Looked exactly the same; was a 130-version, with new interior.

                Have fun with this one m8...
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                  Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door John Bekijk bericht
                  おめでとう、すげえクールな車 :-)
                  Verkeerde vakje aangevinkt bij de LOI-bestelling, John ? :-)


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                    Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door John Bekijk bericht
                    おめでとう、すげえクールな車 :-)
                    The [ge] obtaining cool car which you question with the [me], do

                    Babelfish komt wel met een HELE brakke vertaling....
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                      Oh, I thought it was Chinees
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                        2 x ouwe premium meuk
                        BMW E90 320D Dynamic Exe + chippie
                        Jaguar X-Type Estate 2.0DI4 Exclusive


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                          Right, the 205 GTI is a cool car is some far eastern way.

                          Before my girlfriend was my girlfriend she had a 106 Rallye. I drove that a coulpe of times. Great car! I can only imagine what a 205 GTI would be like. Presumebly excelent.
                          M.G. MGB 1966 / Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1971 /Volvo 245 1979

                          Gepersonaliseerde schaalmodellen Model Car Workshop
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                            Wow, I can't believe that I got the car nearly two years ago now and I've not done any work on it since,
                            except having to repair the radiator, but I've just started making it nicer and better, so you can expect
                            an update soon! :)
                            205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                              No way! It's French, so it has to be unreliable and crappy.
                              Well Brian... I'm opening a boutique!


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                                Nearly two years and only 4000 km later, we're in September 2011. Better late than never - starting a small
                                overhaul from inside out. Dirty interior was making me sick and I was eagerly awaiting to see it out.

                                Fashionable red carpet, one of the 205 GTI iconic features, was past its best too and also going out.

                                Everything removed and sent to an upholsterer, for side bolsters repair and general tidy-up.

                                A classic example of side bolster damage. It's actually not too extensive, especially not on the other seat.
                                It was an easy job for the professional. Next up, the cleaners.

                                Meanwhile, since about half of the bulbs had been blown, I took the dash apart and changed them.

                                At the same time, I got a better condition steering wheel, gear knob and gear gator from my parts collection :)

                                To be continued...

                                Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gti999?page=2
                                205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                  Nice going, Nick. Good and indeed non-butchered good condition ones are becoming rare, here also.
                                  I owned a 1990 black one for four years, also with the 130hp 1.9. Always fun to drive.


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                                    Nice litle car! These orriginal ones are rare these days, so it is nice to see you put all the effort in this one!


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                                      I've had an originally 130 bhp pre-kat version too, but fitted wih a somewhat later 122 bhp kat version without kat.
                                      For some reason it turned out to be the PSA car I have had the least fun with, unreliable as it was right from the start.

                                      Even though I really believe in the potential the car should have had, I've had much more fun in lighter versions of the 205/106/Saxo/AX and beyond (being 306/Xsara and Berlingo).
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                                        With the interior parts back from the cleaners, the first job was to put the clean carpet back in the car.
                                        I've also put the dash back together. What a massive difference! Apart from some fade in the driver's
                                        footwell, it looks pristine.

                                        The rear seats - fitted back in place looking like they've never been sat on.

                                        The finished front seats look pretty good! Also, I swapped the sides to even out the wear, so my passenger
                                        side seat is now my driver's seat.

                                        All done! I'm now in love with the interior :). Ironically, new floor mats I've had on my disposal have "Tuning"
                                        written on them, haha. As you can see, the reclining adjuster is on the outside side now, so the lower plastic
                                        cover can't be used, but I don't really miss it :).

                                        205 GTI dash layout and illumination - a fascination from my childhood days.

                                        All in all, I'm very pleased with the results - it was well worth the effort!

                                        Photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gti999?page=3
                                        205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                          Good job, I love 205 GTI's. Have done so since it came out. :)
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                                            To firm up and lower the suspension a bit, I've installed Koni Sport adjustable shocks absorbers with
                                            Jamex -30 mm springs and BakerBM Grp.N top mounts in the front of the car...

                                            ...and matching Koni Sport adjustable dampers in the rear. I haven't altered the rear beam height.

                                            Full size photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gti999?page=3
                                            205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                              Meanwhile, I got offered a Phase 2 Miami Blue 1.9 - a car I've been dreaming about
                                              for many years, as I've never had a Ph2 205 GTI and it was my favourite colour for
                                              that model, so I've simply had to buy it.

                                              Unfortunately, with both of them in need of restoration, one had to go. I decided
                                              in favour of the Miami Blue and eventually managed to sell the Silver one. I'm not
                                              happy about it but I've had no other choice.

                                              BYE BYE 205 GTI 999! :-(

                                              Full size photos here: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gti999?page=3
                                              205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com