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  • 205 GTI Fore16ver

    205 GTI Fore16ver
    A daydream coming true

    On a sunny February day in 2012, I accidentally stumbled upon this 1993 Miami Blue 205 GTI 1.9 for sale.
    It was no stranger to me, as I'd known the car and its history since it was imported more than 10 years ago.

    I've always lusted for a late Miami Blue 205 GTI, so a deal was struck for the car without its wheels. It was
    in a really bad condition but rather cheap and perfect for what I initially wanted it for - a Ph2 parts donor
    for my old Ph1.5 Silver 205 GTI.

    Sadly, the original late DKZ 122 bhp CAT engine had been replaced by a DFZ 102 bhp unit in the past.
    Also, the head was clapping and it was overfueling due to still using the original (now incorrect) engine
    management. Not that it had mattered much to me as I was not interested in its engine anyway.

    It had also been fitted by a crude BRC LPG system that I've had no interest in whatsoever and just
    wanted it off of the car.

    As this late model 205 GTI was assembled in Spain, it's got some odd parts, such as Ph2 cloth seats
    (hiding under those seat covers) - pretty knackered of course. And the worst condition steering wheel
    I've ever seen!

    The horror doesn't stop there - the ventilation knobs are all broken, as is the center console, while the main
    dash part was molested too :-(. And for a complete experience - how about a third of a gear knob? Interior
    door handles and some other parts have been deformed too.

    To be continued...

    Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver
    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com

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    Wich parts of the car are you interested in?

    If it isn't the engine, interior or the wheels?

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      Hahaha. You missed the body/shell :).
      205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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        Good thing you know the history of the car;-)

        But i hope the bodyshell underneeth the paint is better looking than the inside of the car.

        Good luck with the project.

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          I owned a 205 of 1998 that had no rust at all. I am wondering how much work it would be to build a 'new' 205 GTI.
          I understand that this Miami-colour is GTI-only, but I would not care for that.
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            You've seen nothing yet :o :(.

            But I plan to save its life :).
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              Episode 2: ...and it gets worse!

              As the car's registration had been running out that day, I put my wheels on it, given it a quick wash
              and took it for a technical test, to see what else is wrong with it, while I still could. Needless to say,
              wishbones, engine mounts and track rod ends were all dead.

              Brakes were all worn out, but surprisingly completely functional and well balanced, while the rear beam
              seemed fine, save for dead shock absorbers. It may look much better now than before the wash, but make
              no mistake - the bodywork is in the same bad condition as the interior and mechanics.

              An ugly-looking whirl, caused by a recent bump, starting to rust where the paintwork had peeled off.
              Also, some weird unexpected rust on the nearby passenger door.

              Problems with lacquer, as on many late model 205 GTI's. However, holes in the tailgate, where an aftermarket
              spoiler used to sit many years ago, posed a much bigger problem, as the water was going through them and
              soaking the boot liner underlay, trapped under this gigantic gas bottle, which lead to boot floor being
              infected by rot.

              Other than that and the usual rusty patches under the rear seats, the floor and sills seemed fine. At least
              on first sight. If you thought this was all, then I'll have to disappoint you! Driver's side front end of
              the car is completely rotten, as a result of a front end impact that the car suffered many years ago.
              I was aware of it though, so I was prepared to find something like this.

              To be continued...

              Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver
              205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                If you were prepared for all this, there must be some bonus. I wonder ..
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                  Episode 3: The decision

                  Three 205's (with four engines :-)) but unfortunately one too many. Since I was just about to start
                  restoring my full stock Ph1.5 Silver 205 GTI 1.9 (aka 205 GTI 999), it was a very difficult choice,
                  made even harder as Ph2 Miami Blue with 16v engine was a receipt for my "dream spec" 205.

                  Helped by the fact that I would end up with a free Miami Blue rolling shell by selling the parts
                  I don't need off of it and also already having most of the parts I will need for the build just
                  laying around doing nothing for a number of years - I decided the only sensible option would be
                  to sell the Silver one and build the Miami just as I want it.

                  Hopefully this explains why am I going to put up rebuilding a car in such bad condition to start with.
                  Furthermore, as a bonus, the Silver 205 is in good hands, so the future is looking bright for it as well.

                  Since I decided I was going to keep the Miami Blue 205, it was bugging me that the car had original
                  remote central locking but the key with the remote had been long lost. Then I remembered I've had
                  this pair of RCL module with the matching remote sitting in my parts stash.

                  The replacement RCL module fitted straight in the place of the original one, so I crossed that
                  off the list (one job down - 465 left to do). It made me feel better about my decision as well.

                  Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=2
                  205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                    Episode 4: Shock and horror - continued

                    Just as I was going to start the work on the car, I stumbled across a XU10J4RS engine for sale.
                    It wasn't really looking nice to begin with but since this type of engine is extremely rare where I live,
                    I just had to buy it. A plan of a modern-engined 205 with ABS and A/C was quickly formed :-).

                    Since I had to inspect and refresh the engine prior to using it, I started taking it apart. Wiring had
                    all been cut and injector plugs all broken and glued on (!), so it wasn't looking good, but I was
                    hoping the internals would be fine at least.

                    No such luck though - someone had been "playing" with it, crudely enlarging the valve pocket cut-outs
                    in the pistons. At this point I thought I would still be able to make a good engine out of it, by replacing
                    the pistons and giving it a full rebuild.

                    However, the head has had a similar kind of "mods" done to it and even one of the spark plug threads stripped.
                    At this point I decided not only to scrap this engine but also the whole idea of a "modernised 205" and just
                    "keep it simple".

                    Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=2
                    205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                      Episode 5: The king... beheaded

                      After a failure with a GTI-6 engine idea, I continued the actual work on the car, by removing its
                      (non-)original engine. I've had a good idea of what I was doing (hint: a light bulb above my head) :-).

                      After some struggle with clumsy French engineering, the engine was beheaded. It turned out that
                      having had a swap for a DFZ 1.9 102 bhp engine in the past was a fortunate circumstance in this case,
                      as a friend was after such a head for an interesting project.

                      The next task was removing the engine internals (pistons with rods and then the crankshaft as well).
                      The pistons and rods have been sent away together with the head, while the crankshaft is hopefully
                      going to save a dead 205 GTI 1.9, sooner or later.

                      The last job for the day was to remove the front wings (easy, as they had been replaced in the past
                      and not resealed afterwards) and bumper (hard because all the bolts had been rusted up solid).
                      Removing the front wings has enabled me to get a clear view of a rotten inner wing, due to a known
                      incident from the past.

                      Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=2
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                        Net weer even de specs van de 1.3, de 1.4 XS en de 1.9 bekeken maar in mijn geheugen was dat vroegah allemaal heel snel. Als ik het nu zie denkt ik; WTF! wat waren ze langzaam toentertijd.


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                          Episode 6: Winter sleep

                          With the weather turning for worse, the last thing I set out to do was removing the engine
                          block and gearbox to have the engine bay ready for better inspection.

                          With the only help being provided by two small hydraulic jacks, fighting the lack of space,
                          adverse weather conditions and unpleasant neighbors, I manage to successfully pull it all out.

                          This is the point where the front crumpling zone ends (and how far back will the chassis have to be
                          cut off and replaced), with the rest of the impact having been absorbed by the roof and the floor.

                          Everything packed up tightly and ready for winter sleep.

                          Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=3
                          205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                            Episode 6: Awakening

                            Most of the 2013 went by without having anything done on the car, purely because I couldn't find
                            anyone to take on the work of fixing the chassis and rust patches. However, near the end of the year,
                            it was time to continue the restoration work.

                            All the rear bumpet bolts were rusted up solid, as expected.

                            Stripping off the remaining bits in the engine compartment and also the interior.
                            Only God knows how will I put it all back together!

                            To be continued...

                            Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=3
                            205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                              Episode 8: One Horse Power

                              During my hunt for parts, I managed to find just what I need - NOS replacement headlight panels!
                              I've also finally managed to acquire an "auto bonnet" - i.e. a bonnet off of a 205 Automatic.
                              It's not in the best shape, but it's crucial for my vision of this car :-).

                              Anyway, the second day of dismantling was mostly easy work. The front wings are reusable, but I'm
                              on a look-out for a pair of new ones - which are proving very difficult to get hold of now-days.

                              The front part of the floor pan would have been perfect, if it wasn't for a crack from the known crash,
                              while the culprit for the damage in the rear part were the holes in the tailgate and LPG installation.
                              There's just a small usual rusty patch under the rear seats.

                              Awaiting pickup, to be transferred to the bodyshop.

                              Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=3
                              205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                Episode 9: Cut

                                The car arrived at the body shop and it was time to finally start going in the direction of having a rust-free 205 shell.

                                The chassis had been pulled back to OEM specification, doors put back on using larger pins and body panel gaps set.
                                Then the crash-damaged rotten corner section was cut off.

                                Out with the cancer!

                                Next up, the replacement part I had sourced earlier had to be trimmed and a good inner wing panel fitted back on the car,
                                along with the brand new headlamp panels.

                                To be continued...

                                Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=3
                                205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                  Episode 10: Paste

                                  Ta-daa! Inner wheel arch welded on, as well as the new headlamp panels. Looks infinitely better
                                  than the old mix of filler and rotten metal! Pretty seamless transition of the car's chassis and
                                  the new part - it will look as new when it sees some paint.

                                  The other side has seen some grinder action too. Another culprit and often overlooked area is
                                  the bottom of the A-post.

                                  The fuel tank has been dropped and the floor cleaned up with the boot floor section left to sort out.

                                  Meanwhile, I decided to take a look at my very low mileage XU9J4Z 405 Mi16 engine I bought back in 2007,
                                  that has been removed out of an 405 Mi16x4, crashed 10 years earlier, in 1997, with only 35 thousand
                                  kilometers on the clock!

                                  To be continued...

                                  Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=4
                                  205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                    Nice work !


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                                      Episode 11: Solid foundation

                                      Back at the panel beater's, the car has had most of the major body work done. Facial reconstruction
                                      surgery complete. The red arrows are there to sway your attention towards removable lower section,
                                      for ease of maneuvering the engine in at a later date.

                                      The Automatic bonnet has seen better days, but I'm very happy to see it on the car none-the-less!
                                      Some crude work has been done on the exterior too. The doors are rather rippled, but it will all be
                                      sorted out, when the time comes. The hole in the floor patched, along with a few more in the front arches.

                                      The car stayed at the bodyshop for some finishing touches while I was on a tour around Bosnia,
                                      filling the car up with various 205 parts, including another (and hopefully better) Auto bonnet!

                                      Also, I dug these wheels out, that I had purchased a while ago, with an intention of making
                                      a transportation device for a bare 205 shell, heavy parts such as engines and apparently
                                      cyclists too :-).

                                      On the last day of 2013, I got the car back, fully rust-free and ready to go to the painters.
                                      I've even had to rent out yet another garage, as the old one got filled with all sorts of parts
                                      in the mean time!

                                      Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=5
                                      205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                        Episode 12: 205. Un sacré numéro.

                                        After a "Winter sleep", in May of 2014 I finally managed to find a bodyshop that has agreed
                                        to do a bare-shell respray of the 205, so it was time to get it out of the garage and do
                                        some more parts stripping and then finally make a move forwards, in every sense :-).

                                        Only being satisfied with the best results, I decided (and managed) to get new replacement
                                        front wings. Pattern parts, but the ones on the car were also not OE parts plus they have
                                        been a bit rusty as well.

                                        Meanwhile, in one of my other hobbies (cycling, if you are not already aware of it),
                                        I randomly got my favourite number for a starting number in an international race :-D.

                                        Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=6
                                        205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com


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                                          Episode 13: Let there be paint!

                                          Meanwhile, at the paintshop - the car finally sees some fresh Miami Blue paint! Yay!

                                          The whole floorpan has been coated in stonechip and then resprayed in body colour.
                                          Although I'm not really going to go off road with the car, it's nice to have some,
                                          err, protection ;).

                                          Also, not being satisfied with the two Automatic bonnets I've had previously acquired,
                                          a friend has found me the best one yet! Sweet!

                                          And here's the 4th engine presented in this story so far - rare and iconic XU10J4TE
                                          a.k.a. 220 bhp 405 T16 engine. Although it would have been amazing to have this beast
                                          fitted under the bonnet, it was missing a few things and would have made my project
                                          even longer and more complicated, therefore I decided to let someone else enjoy it! :(

                                          Full size photos: http://photos.cybernck.com/205gtifore16ver?page=6
                                          205 Mi32 Project - 205Mi32.com